Our vision
Our vision is to support the unique higher potential in individuals and organizations seeking to develop effective and fulfilling leadership. Our aim is to be a valuable and long term partner for organizations who choose to use mentoring and coaching as a method for leadership development.

Confidentiality is central to our work. We work according to the rules of ethics adopted IPEC USA and by the Ethical Committee of the Mentor Academy in Stockholm, Sweden, and of EMCC Sweden, (European Mentoring and Coaching Council). We promote quality and ethics in this sector by commitment to EMCC Sweden (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), and The Certified Mentors Association.

Our Programs
For individuals we offer personal mentoring and executive coaching programs tailored to each person.

For corporate clients we act as consultants in all phases of planning and executing mentoring programs. We develop seminars, provide training of mentors, perform evaluations as well as coordinate and support all program stages. We offered either in-company programs or open courses and programs

Extensive network
We work with clients in Stockholm, New York and Washington D.C. We collaborate with networks of national and international mentors/coaches as well as with with specialists in different aspects of leadership development.

Our programs